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"We either enjoy life, or we endure it".

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  • Follow your dreams and cultivate your interests. Your legacy lies in the impact you make on the lives of others.

Baxter masterfully applies ancient Vedic Principles to empower you to navigate midlife with wisdom, setting the stage for your best years yet.

Guaranteed results in 90 days. If not, Enjoy 9 Months of Free Mentorship from me personally!

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~Board Member of The Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists

~Podcast host of 'Demystifying Midlife'

Baxter is best known for her work in helping every day people repair and re-align their bodies using cutting edge and holistic therapies. For the first time, she's sharing an often misunderstood but proven method to reverse your "energetic age", allowing you to repair your body and re-align yourself towards greater fulfilment and joy.​

In this Masterclass, you'll discover her science-based and holistic approach for those feeling the effects of time and looking to feel like their old selves again.

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Baxter is a certified Yoga Therapist and a recognised ambassador of the discipline. Yoga Therapy is a little known but powerful Eastern medicine modality, and one of the few in existence to offer a complete mind-body system.